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DEMYANOVSKIE MANUFACTURES LLC est. since 1964 has more than 50 years experience of wood production.

We are one of the largest manufacture of hardboard and painted hardboard in Russia and CIS countries. We supply our products to 15 countries all over the world.

Up to date DEMYANOVSKIE MANUFACTURES has established steady and strong cooperation with partners for Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Netherlands, Germany & France. Our holding includes large manufacture facilities located in Kirov region with head Office in Moscow.

DEMYANOVSKIE MANUFACTURES handles the follows types of wood products: hardboard, painted hardboard, square edged timber, wood trim & regularized round timber.

Our warehouses are well stoked with hardboard and wood components for just-in-time delivery. We offer quality service for our clients , effective logistic schemes , loyalty programs for partners and suppliers. We always try to meet all your needs and requirements.


Demianovskie manufactures supports traditional spiritual values, spiritual culture and moral development of the personality. Read more

Ecologically friendly policy

We provide materials made from virgin fibers ecologically friendly: free of phenol and formaldehyde. All our products are certificated in accordance with Russian Ministry of Health standards and NFB. More about ecology